"We’re VERY SATISFIED with your work! You fixed it right, you didn’t patch it. It’ll last longer and we will have no down time."
Bruce Macsemchuck
Firesteel Contractors LTD
"Very NICE job! It looks good and way more SOLID than the original one. It’ll be easier to work with."
Dan French
M&M Chipping
"Why me? Because you’re GOOD and you’re FAST."
Shawn Kelly
Lakehead Scrap Metal
"Your REPUTATION follows you!"
Richard Claveau
539674 Ontario LTD
"I like the guy that takes PRIDE in his WORK! You did an AWESOME job!"
Dennis Lacrosse
Lacross Trucking LTD
"Thank you again for fixing our problem. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate what you did, and HOW WELL YOU DID IT ! WE WON’T EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE RECEIVER AGAIN."
Stephanie Barnes & Regis Sylvestre