YME Welding Enterprise Inc. was founded in the spring of May 2013 by Director Yvan Brochu who wanted to offer clients a safe, trustworthy, high quality and affordable welding service.

YME Welding offers services in welding, fabrication, repairs, ornamental railings and fences, and caters to both commercial and residential projects within multiple industries including forestry, mining, pipeline, and construction.

Toting over 35 years of welding experience and truck and trailer mechanic service, Yvan is happy to continue his career while growing his business in his home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. His favorite motto,

‘Take pride in your work and finish every job with expertise’

rings true over and over as he lives by these words every day. After countless referrals and requests from clients, Yvan often questioned “Why me?” which eventually became his nickname. Hence the company name, YME Welding!

YME Welding is an expanding company built on integrity, reliable service, and quality workmanship. It continues to succeed through its versatility and expertise in projects of every size and scope.

No job is too big or too small for YME Welding!